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Activity Based Working Guide

Business Meeting


Pride in the delivery of our own headquarters ​

Reflective of Laing O’Rourke’s position as industry leaders   in project delivery and innovation

Better opportunities for connection and collaboration, maximising energy and performance​

Attracting talent better than our competitors​​

Fit for purpose, enabling smarter way of working, flexible space enabling staff to choose their work setting to maximise performance​​



Future State

100 Mount Street - Future State

No two ABW workplaces are the same – the model must be tailored to the unique characteristics of the organisation to ensure it successfully delivers on business objectives.​

Over the coming months, MoveCorp will be working with LOR to develop and refine the workplace operating model to ensure it remains flexible, collaborative and can be nimble to expand and contract with the natural ebbs and flows of major projects. ​

The new org structure is reflective of this new way of working – it is complementary to this way of working. ​

100 Mount Street - Future Opportunities

Future Opportunities
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The new space and way of working will enable Laing O’Rourke to realise a number of opportunities which will help drive successful business objectives;

The new model fosters collaboration which perfectly aligns with the nature of our bid and project work​,


Providing a dynamic and flexible working environment will help us attract the best-of-the-best new talent and provide opportunities for growth and professional development with our existing staff​,


New technology will make us more agile, improving our ability to respond to the demands of our increasingly digital and online-based customers​,


As our teams learn to use the new workspaces effectively, productivity will continue to thrive -  leaders will be more closely connected to day-to-day activities of their teams enabling more efficient and better-informed decision making​.

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