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Department of Planning, Industry & Environment

Storage Reduction Program

This portal will provide you with up to date information and key detail regarding storage reduction, decluttering and records management to prepare for your upcoming move. 
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Clear the Clutter Timeline

DeClutter Timeline

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Information Packs

Information Packs

Staff Briefing Packs

Decluttering Poster

Waste Streams Poster

Decluttering Guidelines

Decluttering Guidelines

OEH Paper Lite

Records Management Process

Records Management

The Records Management team will assist Branches with the Records Management process.

As part of the process, every item must be assessed to determine if it is a record. All records must be registered in CM9 and sentenced to determine the period for which they need to be kept prior to disposal. Even if the retention period has already been met, the record must go through this process before it can be disposed of.

Only authorised persons can dispose of records. This must be done in accordance with the State Records Act 1998 and a certificate of destruction must be completed.

How can staff prepare?

At this stage, staff are advised not to discard any hard copy papers or other items that could potentially be a record. You can, however, prepare for this process by taking some time to look through your documents to understand what you have:

Assess your paper for records and sort into three categories:

  • It’s a record

    • Keep it

  • It’s not a record

    • Keep it

    • Dispose of it

  • Not sure

    • Review or ask Records

Talk to the Records Management team by contacting Derrick Lam
Waste Stations

Waste Stations

Coming Soon....!

Move Crew

Move Crew
Key Contacts

Site Co-ordinators & Key Contacts

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