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Department of Education

Storage Reduction Program

This portal will provide you with up to date information and key detail regarding storage reduction and records management to prepare for your upcoming move. 
Access the information from the buttons below
You can access more detail for Records Management from the Records Management site
Clear the Clutter Timeline

Clear the Clutter Timeline

Information Packs

Information Packs


#2 Clear the Clutter Poster

#3 Friday Flings

Paper Lite Guidelines

Paper Lite Guidelines

1 (2)
DOE Paper Lite 2
DOE Paper Lite 3
DOE Paper Lite 5

Moving premises advice from NSW State Records

Records in Transit

Destruction of records

Managing Record in Administrative Change

Below has links to useful websites. Access the information by clicking on the icon

Useful links

Useful links
Familiarise yourself with the Dept's Records Management Standards for:

A. Help Cards Page

B Disposal & Retention Schedules

C. Disposal Procedures

D. Five Principles of Records Destruction

E. Methods of destruction for different types of records

Visit the Records Management website by clicking below or familiarise yourself with Normal Administrative Practice (NAP) by clicking on the help image

Team Action Plans

Team Action Plans
EDRMS Survey

EDRMS Survey

Click to take Survey

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